What You Should Expect From Your Custom Attic Remodel

Many people see attics as creepy, dingy spaces with no lighting and short ceilings. Rarely do they see them as opportunities to expand the square footage of a home. In fact, while some use attic space for storage, most people avoid the attic at all costs. However, through custom remodeling, you can gain valuable living space. These are some of the changes you can expect in a custom remodel of your attic.

Safe, Easy Access

Most homes only offer access to the attic through a hole in the ceiling. You actually may have to climb a ladder to get into the space. Therefore, the first task involved in an attic remodel is creating safe, easy access to the space. This involves building stairs. Your builder may also add doorways so the stairs can be closed off. The stairs will also be to code, with banisters and adequate lighting for safety.

Utilities Are Installed

Most attics don’t have readily available electricity or water. Therefore, if you plan to create a living space, you need to have these installed. Water is necessary if you install bathrooms in the attic, while electricity is a must for any space that you want to be bright and usable. Your builder will also have to ensure your HVAC system is extended into your attic and can handle the additional load. If it cannot, a new HVAC system may be installed.

Everything Is Finished

You often have exposed rafters on the ceiling and floor of your attic space. However, a custom remodeling of your space will finish off your floors and ceilings so that they look like every other room in your home. Finished ceilings and floors make your area safe and reduce any noise from the roof to the attic rooms and from the attic to the rooms below. Your contractor may also add windows to ensure that your space meets code requirements.

When your residential remodeling team completes your custom remodeling project, you will gain livable square footage that is cozy and safe.