Hiring a General Contractor for Your Next Home Improvement Project

Hiring a general contractor can have its advantages. One advantage may be quality work that can come with a warranty. Another advantage may be that the contractor can provide everything needed for a home improvement project. Some homeowners who don’t want to search for multiple contractors to handle different portions of a project may find this attractive. General contractors may perform a variety of services.

Installation of New Flooring

When hired to install new flooring, general contractors may not only take care of the installation but may also handle any repairs needed to the existing flooring. This could involve hiring subcontractors to evaluate and remove potentially hazardous materials used to install the original flooring or rebuilding a subfloor to support the new flooring.

Replacement of Windows and Doors

If your doors or windows need to be replaced, the contractor can provide the doors, windows and any other materials needed for the installation. He may also be able to provide any additional professionals required to make modifications to the structure to ensure a proper fit and to prevent moisture or leaks.


Homeowners who decide to hire individual contractors to replace their roofs may be responsible for buying the roofing material and for removal of the old material. If the roof later fails, the homeowner may then have to figure out whether the failure was caused by faulty installation or faulty material. General contractors, on the other hand, may provide the labor and materials and could assume responsibility for both.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs can be both extensive and expensive. What may seem like a small job could develop into a nightmare when completing home renovations that involve plumbing. Home owners could be faced with hiring multiple independent contractors to work on various aspects of their plumbing and may also have to purchase supplies. A general contractor could assume responsibility for the entire project, including the supplies, for a set fee.