How a Second Story Addition Can Transform Your Home

Have you always had an image of your dream home in mind? Are you ready to make that dream a reality by adding a second story addition? Remodeling your home to fit your ideals can seem intimidating, but a knowledgeable contractor can put your mind at ease and make the transformation stress free and exciting.

More Space

A second story addition to your home has so many perks. It gives you more space for a growing family, a place to start a home business or hobby or even room for storage. Having enough space is so important, and building codes and lot size don’t always allow for building out or expanding the size of the rooms you already have. But a second story addition could be the solution.

Perhaps you want to simply create more space for your family to live and add another bathroom to keep arguments over who showers first to a minimum. Another incentive for remodeling is that you can completely transform the layout of your home. You may choose to move all bedrooms upstairs and expand your kitchen or make a formal dining room. The possibilities are endless.

Increased Value

Choosing to add a second story addition to your home can also increase it’s value. The square footage available will have a profound impact on the resale value of your home, should that be a route you choose to take in the future. It also gives any potential buyers a lot more choices when it comes to how they can set up house and manage the space. The appeal of having adequate places for a home office or game room can be a deciding factor in making such a large purchase.

You can’t go wrong by choosing to remodel your home by adding on some extra space. Reach out to your contractor today and get started on some exciting possibilities.