Tips for Designing an In-law Suite

At some point during your life, you may need to have a difficult but important conversation with your parents or in-laws regarding their continued care as they age. Sometimes people choose to age in place, meaning they have a plan that allows them to stay in their current home. Others may wish to downsize so they can travel or be free of the burden of keeping up with a home. If you’re interested in helping your loved ones, you may consider adding an in-law suite to your home. Before you discuss this option with them, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Consider Privacy

After years of independence, your loved ones likely aren’t interested in taking up a spare bedroom in your home. Rather, they’ll likely want to maintain their independence and their privacy. When you discuss your in-law suite with your loved ones and your contractor, remember to keep their privacy in mind and allow them enough space to spread out and have an area to call their own. 

Keep Needs in Mind

Ask your loved ones what they need in an in-law suite. Perhaps they only want a living area, bedroom, and their own bathroom. If they enjoy cooking they may want their own kitchen or kitchenette. They may even enjoy the notion of having their own porch to sit on and enjoy some quiet privacy, especially if you have young children whom they may want occasional space from.

Consider Access Issues

Are your loved ones coming to live with you because they have access issues that my prevent them from getting around like they used to? As you design your space, keep these important factors in mind to make their space as accessible as possible. This may include installing railings in the bathrooms, anti-slip flooring to prevent falls, and wider doorways to maneuver assistive devices. 

Being able to care for your loved ones after they’ve spent a lifetime caring for others is a privilege. Your in-law suite can be a true reflection of your gratitude they’ll be sure to appreciate.