Construction Manager vs. General Contractor

When it comes to a construction project you need quality leadership. Work with a professional general contracting and management team that combines the benefits of these two distinct roles. Compare the different features of these roles and learn why it pays to work with both for your next construction or remodeling project.

Role of a Construction Manager

A construction manager helps get the ball rolling. Work with a manager to help guide you through the design phase. Construction managers work closely with you to ensure your dream home considers all the most important factors and is in line with local code and regulations.

Once the building process kicks off, a construction manager typically hands the lead off to a general contractor. The daily decisions, deadlines and other factors of job site are handled directly by this contracting professional.

Role of a General Contractor

General contracting is a more hands-on role in the construction project. A general contractor is an experienced builder who works closely with all the sub-contractors on your building project. When you need to hire a plumber, electrician, tile contractor or another professional, your general contractor will handle it all.

Many general contractors also provide a warranty for the entire process. A warranty that covers all the elements in the building process is very convenient and allows you to make a single call for a repair project instead of trying to track down all the separate trades professionals. A general contractor is already familiar with experienced professionals in your area.

Enjoy Quality Construction Leadership Today

Receive an estimate today to see how you can enjoy all the benefits of construction management and general contracting. Ensure you start with a great plan and work with leading professionals in your area for an efficient construction or remodeling project. Build your dream home or recreate your existing home for an unforgettable experience.